Engage with clients

Apply strategic rules of engagement to achieve supply
chain goals through relevant processes discover how to
succeed in effictive communication that ensures
collaboration with clients.

Why do I need effective
communications training?

Create the desire and engage with the emotions that
will propel the client to want to work with you. The
client will want to use your services or clamour to buy
what you are selling when you apply our
communication tools.

Successful individuals and teams do not need to sell.
The secret lies in positioning your service so that it
makes sense to initiate a relationship with you and your

Introducing Alyda le Hane

5 years in Europe specialising in enabling supply
chains through logistic solutions

10 years in SC consulting in global environments

20 years in SC across industries and geographies


Supported logisitcs teams in enabling supply chains
from China through to the US

Engaged with students at universities in Europe, UK,
Africa and China

Introducing my 3
tier solution

Through effective communication techniques and
understanding how to create dialogue with your
customers, I can help you unlock the full potential
within the Supply chain envinroment.

Tier 1 – Communication skills
Tier 2 – Supply chain 101

               Learning environments can be created as
               1 on 1 processes or interactive workshops
               geared for your specific industry.

Tier 3 – 1 on 1 coaching and guidance to improve
               your success with clients.

Hear what they have to say

You and your team can now apply and or engage
thoughtfully and with purpose with your clients. Develop
skills that provide the ability for well thought out solutions
and not opinions.

Effective communication

The secret lies in positioning solutions to support supply
chain objectives that the client will recognise as addressing
their needs.

You can choose to attend all three tiers or only the ones that apply to your situation. Or book a supply chain strategy workshop and improve your ability to achieve your logistical promises to clients.


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